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Vantage Quest IV - Meditation Miracle

Highly Recommended.

This CD is a MUST for anyone looking for a powerful meditation tool.

Vantage Quest IV uses a proprietary technology created by Carlisle Bergquist, M.F.C.C., PH.D.c. He is a psychotherapist, psychological researcher, and relationship counselor specializing in psychosynthesis, creativity, spiritual emergence and transpersonal issues.

The technology is called a harmonic matrix. It is an amazing new way to entrain your brainwaves. This is not binaural beats which is what you find for the most part today.

What I really liked was the fact that there is no music just sound. This sound washes over your body and soon you find yourself in deep trance. I found that without music I was less distracted and better able to focus my mind on nothing.

When I used Vantage Quest CD, I felt I had a deeper meditation than usual. What I then ended up doing was alternating between the Vantage Quest CD and other binaural beat meditation products like Brain Sync CDs.

This has increased the potency of both products. Maybe it is keeping my brain on its toes. Whatever it is doing is working, so I'm not complaining or changing!

So, if you have been getting mixed results for your other meditation CDs, you simply must try the Vantage Quest CD. I know you will love it as much as I do.

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