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Music by Marcey - 7 Healing CDs

Created while in Trance.

Marcey's music has touched so many lives that I don't think a review will do her justice. Instead, read the testimonials below to see just what an impact Marcey's has had on people around the world.

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Inwward Harmony Testimonials

"There are so many products on the market that claim all sorts of things, especially in the metaphysical area, that it is difficult to know which ad to believe. I am very impressed with your music, and find it refreshing to discover that your ad is truthful."
M.K., Hastings, MN

"I listened to Inward Harmony while in labor for 25 hours. I had no anxiety, no pain medication and was relaxed throughout the childbirth process."
S.P., Austin, TX

"I recently 'discovered' your wonderful music! I began with Inward Harmony and found it SO peaceful; I have purchased all but one of your productions! Just a word on Inward Harmony. I first saw your ad in FATE magazine and thought to myself 'yea, sure it'll do all you advertise;' but after receiving it, I now could not live without it! If I had a stressful day, it calms me more than I can say. But the BIG part the CD plays is at night. I put it on and it has put me to sleep EVERY night since I purchased it! Now I understand the part of your ad that stated the woman who got through her delivery of her child playing this fantastic composition! In fact I've NEVER heard the complete CD as I am soundly asleep in the first 5 minutes after playing it!!! If I re-awaken during the night for any reason, I restart the CD and yep I'm out like a light again waking more refreshed than I've felt in years!! This is so important to me as before I was an insomniac and your beauty shows through the compositions and has passed over to me. Now I'm NO LONGER an insomniac; and sleep like the rest of the world! So there are not enough words to express my appreciation for your music."
W.B., via e-mail

"In December, 1998, my sister Pamela was admitted to hospice, having refused food and water at last after a 22 year battle with M.S. Our younger sister Pat had your albums at home, and brought Inward Harmony and some others to Pamela's hospice room. We played Inward Harmony continuously the last day of her life. Late that night, when she was (theoretically) in a deep coma, and only 2 hours from her last breath, the nurses came to turn her over, and I thought perhaps she'd like another of your albums for a change (I, at least, had Inward Harmony memorized!). I changed the CD, adjusted the volume, turned out the light, and lay down on the guest bed to sleep. 'mmh!' she said. 'MMNH!!' 'Oops! Sorry! I'll put it back!' I put Inward Harmony back on, and all was quiet. I thought you'd like to know that my sister chose your album as the music for her transition, and roused out of a coma to express her request for it! I still smile when I think about it."
B.S., Portland, OR

"One time on a windy fall day my mother and I were walking and as we began to climb a small hill, the wind became stronger. In the wind, for the life of us was the sound of Inward Harmony, we both looked at each other in surprise. I asked her if she was hearing it, and she answered yes, adding that she thought she was going mad. I told her no, I was also hearing it. On the first day I received the tape, I played it and my niece, who was 2 years old, got this wide-eyed look when she heard it. She sat in front of one of the large speakers and just listened. After some time I asked her what she was listening to and she said that they were angels."
H.M., San Marco, CA

"My husband and I listen continually to Inward Harmony at night during sleep. One of the profound healings from that is his hearing has improved greatly. He works with aircraft at an Air Force Base and is around a lot of noise. He had lost hearing, as tested with the clinic, in several different range areas. After listening to Inward Harmony as we have done nightly, ALL evidence of his hearing deficiency has disappeared."
E.C., San Antonio, TX

"I had been suffering with an ulcer for over a year and a half. Taking medication was the only relief. After the second night of listening to Inward Harmony I felt no discomfort from my ulcer. After three weeks, I stopped my medication."
T.D., Carrollton, TX

"I have Inward Harmony on tape and I love it. Yesterday, listening to it and I prevented a migraine!"
C.H., Pendleton, OR

"I thought that you might be interested in an experience our family found amusing - and helpful. We were vacationing in Yellowstone, when my four-month-old grandson decided that would be a great time to begin teething. The tablets, gels and soothing talk could not quite put an end to the fusses for very long at a time. After two days I remembered that our older grandson liked to listen to my cassette player. I had brought along Inward Harmony so we tried it out. It really got his attention. He would relax and drift off to sleep. He would wake up when the tape would stop and reverse sides, and then drift off again. Needless to say, we all had a bit more inner harmony. I admit that this is a mundane use for your music, but then it wasn't my gums doing the hurting. I'm sure that if my grandson could talk, he would say 'Many Thanks.' The rest of us surely do!"
T.G., Palestine, TX

"Ever since your Inward Harmony tape arrived remarkable things have been happening. It is the most celestial, ethereal music I have ever heard. IDEAL for meditation! My household consists of 2 dogs and 4 cats. The older dog Star, a black Cocker Spaniel, has had congestive heart failure. Special food from the vet helps some. The weekend of August 24-25 she was almost gone. She was too weak to take food or water, or even to stand. I played your tape. The effect was immediate. She has now fully recovered. When there is shortness of breath I play the tape and normal breathing is restored."
T.P., Oakland, CA

"The four tapes you sent me are responsible for bringing about, what I can only call a very profound change in my life. Up until a couple months ago I lived my life as if it was a raging storm. I could not even sit still long enough to read a book. I was very angry at the world - I thought. Your tapes have helped me calm down enough to realize that the anger I felt is not at the world, but at myself."
W.J., (prisoner) Reidsville, GA

"I've only had Inward Harmony for 4 days - I've listened about 6 times, I guess. After the second time, my back pain seems to be gone! I've had trouble for almost 2 years now and I've really been working on my 'inflamed attitude' and felt I had made great progress but, until I heard your music, my body hadn't responded. I really feel that you have saved my life! I am sincerely grateful.amazed, too! Thank you."
M.B., Milford, DE

"My son is a deputy sheriff. He uses Inward Harmony to calm down his arrests when they are rowdy. He says when he puts Inward Harmony on they shut up and calm down."
M.S., Inez, KY

"In my practice, my patients listen to music while I work on them. Many ask for Inward Harmony. It is so soothing and relaxing that I have had a number of them go to sleep while I was working on them. One patient fell asleep while I was performing a root canal on her."
P.C., D.D.S., Ft. Worth, TX

"My Chinese Dog is calmed by Inward Harmony. He even falls asleep under the table in the kitchen. It is unheard of that this breed of dog will calm. It is bred to be a watchdog."
M.R., Puyallup, WA

"I have recently begun to use Inward Harmony as background music for meditative and 'Inner Child' work with an alcohol recovery group. The successes and therapeutic value of the music has been astounding. My clients have accessed their inner process with greater ease than ever before. Thank you for your valuable contribution."
M.B., Psychotherapist Englewood, CO

"Healing with sound, color, meditation is primary in my 'work.' I have dozens of tapes with sounds that soothe, balance, relax but nothing that provides the consistent results, for me, that Inward Harmony offers."
S.B., Eaton, NH

"Inward Harmony may sound a little eerie at first, but after you acclimate to it, it can be profoundly soothing."
M.L., New York, NY

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Z Testimonials

"The Z CD has definitely seemed to influence my dreams. I will often have very unusual dreams after listening to it with the strong sense of having worked through a particular fear or block. The dream itself is not unpleasant or fearful."
P.U., Hana, HI

"I truly love Z. It's so mystical. The first night after listening to it I had a prelude to my lucid dreaming by actually saying in my dream, 'don't worry that was a dream and this is a dream too!' Something I hadn't caught myself doing for a couple of years."
J.A., Selma, OR

"With the composition Z, I was driving and listening to it. I started crying and felt that a certain heaviness was gone, like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I learned surrender from Z, that is to surrender to joy."
D.M., Blue Ridge, TX

"In November of 1993 I was listening to a couple of hours of Z each day. I began to have dreams that were startling to me for the following reasons: 1) I was having dreams I could remember. 2) My dreams were so vivid that it was like I was really 'there.' 3) Upon waking from my dreams in the morning, I was so startled by them I felt compelled to write them down on paper so I wouldn't forget all the details. 4) I had this gut feeling that my dreams were foretelling some events in the future. I had a series of the above type of dreams all in November 1993 and one is as follows: One of my first dreams involved some changes at work. In my dream I told the Controller, who was my boss, that the Chief Financial Officer wanted me to get my own 'letterhead' and run some errands for him. I felt disturbed and I asked my boss why he thought the CFO was doing this and my boss replied, 'his last secretary had her own letterhead.' What really disturbed me is that my boss didn't seem to care that the CFO was having me work for him. It was a complete shock to others in the company when my boss turned in his resignation in May 1994 several months after my dream. I did work for the CFO after that time."
V.B., Fairfield, CA

"I played Z for my younger son, while he was working on two different school projects. He was overwhelmed by the work, and seemed quite fearful that he wouldn't complete the assignments, or that the work wouldn't be good enough. Well, he not only finished both projects, but also received an excellent mark on each of them. Also, any tests, projects or assignments that he had after that, he got B's, A's and A+."
S.A., Stittsville, ON, Canada

"I have always had a lot of fear in my life. Fear of the dark, fear of making wrong decisions in and with my life, just plain fear of everything and everyone. Well, I am happy to say that the fear is finally disappearing from my life with such ease and a great healing process is occurring. I am also learning how to forgive and love myself as well as others. Thank you for your beautiful music. It is certainly helping me find myself, who I am, my courage, strength and power. Again I thank you for this wonderful beautiful healing. A.T., Fullerton, CA

"Your Z tape I really enjoy. It does have an opening, curious nature."
C.A., Anchorage, AK

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Celestial Dance Testimonials

"There is no doubt in my mind that Celestial Dance is by far and away the most powerful creativity evoking music that I have ever used. I use it on myself nightly, and I have used it to help people compose compositions, to invent pieces of automobiles and so on. I think this is a great piece of work."
F.B., Creative Problem Solving Trainer

"I tried and tried to get funding for a project, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Then, I started listening to Celestial Dance and within two weeks people started calling me saying they had reconsidered. They wanted to know where to send their checks."
K.L., Dallas, TX

"I was playing Celestial Dance when my eleven year old son came home from school. He brought his play clothes out to be able to sit in front of the boom box while he changed. He kept getting a look of delight. He started telling me all the things he saw in his mind with this music. He would edge toward the door and keep coming back. Finally, he turned off the music, 'There,' he said, 'now I can go play.' He told me not to start the music until he got out the door. I just thought this was a sweet compliment to your music."
C.C., Hiawatha, IA

"I enjoy Celestial Dance during the day especially while creating something. This music helped me get started on a painting. It turned out very nicely. There's so much variety in this music that I never seem tired of hearing it."
D.F.F., Conway, SC

"I must admit that your compositions Z and Celestial Dance are my favorites. My experiences when listening to your music vary. All of the compositions definitely work on opening, healing and balancing the charkas. The first time I listened to Inward Harmony, my body felt almost etherealized and I had the sensation of going into a higher dimension. Since I started listening to Celestial Dance the ideas for a book came to me, which I am in the process of writing". L.J., Tempe, AZ

"After listening to Celestial Dance, I am so thrilled with your music. .You have reassured me there definitely is a 'God,' 'Higher Power' or whatever one calls It. Thank you so much, I feel you are one He smiles on."
L.J., Richmond, VA

"Celestial Dance is uplifting for me and seems to remind me of the importance of allowing my spiritual nature to have its true expression. Your music came into my life at a time of great change for me. It almost feels that just ordering them helped to kick in the process and then once I began listening to them it seems that things kept speeding ahead. The prevailing feeling that they have helped to support within me is one of a peaceful knowing that I am here for a very special purpose and that it will be fulfilled. This has helped me to trust on a much deeper lever."
P.U., Hana, HI

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Anthem To Soul Testimonials

"Thank you for sending the Anthem to Soul CD. I played it immediately and it went straight to my heart. It feels right! Your Anthem to Soul is helping me to take an ultra-sound 'bath' daily, to be in harmony and balance. Bless you big!!!"
M.L. S., Honolulu, HI

"I have received Inward Harmony and Anthem to Soul and am unable to explain the feelings. I am at a crossroads in life and somehow I know the answers are within me and your wonderful music will lead me to the best I can be. Life is a journey and I really know it's in everyone of us - if we'll only tap into it."
J. H., Enid, OK

"I listen to the music as much as possible, and for the first time in my life, feel inner peace and a sense of detachment from imperfection. I did not think it possible for me to reach such a state of harmony so quickly."
D.D., Flushing, NY

"Anthem to Soul has a gift to me of being courageous in allowing Soul to shine forth."
D.O.M., Blue Ridge, TX

"I listened to Anthem to Soul as I went to sleep last night. Slept like a baby after a week of high tension."
Rev. M.R., Yuba City, CA

"I took your advice and started playing Anthem to Soul whenever my children or animals start fussing with each other. Boy, are you right they immediately chill out. Thanks Marcey!"
L.U., Plano, TX

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Dream Partner Testimonials

"When I first heard Marcey's music at a store in Dallas, I had to have it. I bought Inward Harmony, Dream Partner, and Anthem to Soul that day. When I got home, I decided that Dream Partner wasn't really as appealing to me as the other two so I set it aside. I didn't know much about the healing aspects of Marcey's music at the time. So, I didn't realize it was because of my own resistance to resolving my relationship and commitment issues that kept me from liking Dream Partner. After Marcey and I talked about Dream Partner, I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked in the same place four times before I could see it, talk about resistance. That night, I played Dream Partner on low while I slept. I had the most incredible dream. I was hovering above an arena full of couples. Each couple was sharing their experiences and I was getting positive learning's from each one. When I awoke, my relationship fears were gone and it was as if I didn't even know the person who had fallen asleep only seven hours before. Since that night, I have changed my relationships in my personal life, my career, my spiritual life and with the whole of the universe."
K.U., Dallas, TX

"Dream Partner truly does speak to my Spirit, Inner Guide, Higher Self. I find such peace & harmony in your music. What joy your music brings to my life!"
J.H., Oklahoma

"I will always cherish the Dream Partner album for so many reasons. The music is exceptionally lovely and triggers exquisite meditations."
P.G., Owings Mills, MD

"Dream Partner seems to take one on a magical trip to 'somewhere.' A happy feeling if you will."
I.F., Longmont, CO

"I just wanted to tell you how glad I am to receive Dream Partner. I have listened to it every day, sometimes more than once. I'm going through some pretty intense life changes right now, (divorce, death of a parent, drastic shift in finances, etc.), so maybe this is the perfect thing for me to be listening to right now."
M.G., Oklahoma

"I was so moved by your advertisement that I ordered your tapes, Inward Harmony and Dream Partner. I have been through a traumatic separation and divorce from someone who had been the significant other in my life for nearly thirty years. In the process my oldest son had chosen not to live with me. I was very angry and in great pain. I felt like my insides had been scraped out with a fork. I started playing your tapes whenever I the car, at bedtime, while I read. At first all I could feel was anxiety and pain coming up to the surface. I had strange dreams. Then, suddenly I became addicted to your music, drawn to it, and then I just felt peace. It has changed my life. For the first time in years I feel joy. I am working through my anger and releasing the need for the conditions that created it. I am willing to forgive and move on with my life. Finally, my appearance has changed. I've lost twenty pounds, cut my hair and look, in general, spiffy. I play these tapes for my sons and it helps them too. They think I'm a little weird but it's working. Thank you for your music. Between your compositions and my angels I'm going to make it."
B.B., Delaware

"Your Dream Partner CD is incredible! I find myself speaking to total strangers and talking in groups now. All my life, I've been subdued and rather shy...I felt compelled to tell you how much this music has enhanced my life."
B.D., Dallas, TX

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Maitreya Testimonials

"Dearest Marcey I can't thank you enough for the blessings of your music Maitreya. I have been through a lot of grief and sadness recently. It seemed that my personal life was a series of let downs by people, companies, life and love. The fact that your album is about inner happiness and my finding it seems like ironic timing. I have been on a mission to find that for months and months. The album struck multiple cords in my heart. I heard the wind, Ancient Egypt, inner city sounds, Eskimo noises, lots of varieties of experiences in the music. It has a 3-D quality, most unusual in nature. I've never honestly heard a similar style ever. You are a musical genius to say the least. The album seems to live and breath all by itself. It's excellent! I'll recommend it to everyone I know and by the way, it works. I woke up extremely happy the day after I listened to it.falling asleep and for no other apparent reason than the joy that it brought to my heart."
D.A.S., Lawrenceville, GA

"I'm listening to Maitreya a lot and I love it."
P.S., Los Angeles, CA

"Maitreya makes me happy all day long. I play it every night during my sleep, simply beautiful! Please allow me to extend to you my personal best wishes, thoughts, prayers and blessings for your very profound work."
C.K.Y., Singapore

"Eleven years ago my husband died and my son was only an infant of 2 years old. Now he is 13 and the last few years he has had to go through a conscious processing of the loss of his father when he was so young. He was a sleepwalker and was very often awake at nights. A month ago I ordered Maitreya, and since then he is sleeping like a rose. He falls asleep when listening, and later I take the earphones out of his ears. He is asking for the music, because he knows now that it works. He is talking a lot about his father, and it feels OK."
Anonymous, The Netherlands

"I was very angry. Within the first couple of minutes of playing Maitreya my mood changed from anger to happiness. I was so shocked! I couldn't believe my mood changed so swiftly. This music definitely changes people's lives. It has changed my life tremendously."
M.B., Lawton, OK

"I have worked hard all my life to achieve financial independence, but every time I would get close to that goal, something would always happen to ruin it for me. I finally grew so tired of trying, that I just gave up. I figured I was just destined not to have financial freedom. Then Maitreya came into my life. I can't tell you enough how thankful I am for that music. Somehow and in someway that music changed that financial path for me. I am now on my road to financial freedom."
J.H., Richardson, TX

"Innocence is such a beautiful piece of music. The first time I listened to it the words, 'It's so beautiful came out and went straight to my heart.' I left like I had entered something so pure and crystal. I felt at peace.confident.happy and calm."
K.M., Durham, N.C.

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Innocence Testimonials

"Inward Harmony, Innocence and Dream Partner play in our house each day. They are all wonderful and healing."
M.P., Charlotte, MI

"I played Innocence for a friend of mine. She began crying during the second song. Then by the third song she was smiling. I asked her what had happened and she said, 'I had an emotional healing. During the first song my heart opened up, during the second song I felt a releasing and during the third song I felt my heart heal.' All I can say Marcey is WOW.
R.J., Houston, TX

"Innocence has a progression about it. It is peaceful, relaxing and nurturing. Yet as it continues it becomes exciting and motivating."
J.G., Dallas, TX

"Innocence is absolutely beautiful. The ocean set as the background for this beautiful music is so nurturing and healing. Thank you Marcey, you have done it again."
L.D., Plano, TX

"I am a Neonatal Nurse and I use Innocence all the time in the hospital nursery. I had one baby who only had a small part of his brain stem functioning. The Doctor didn't expect him to live, but I played Innocence over and over again for him. Today he is home with his parents smiling, cooing and healthy."
N.G., Rapid City, S.D.

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